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Interview with Hyperfrequancies

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Check out another great interview @ the “artist interviews” section !!!

Interview with D-Nox and Beckers !!!

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Just out, an indepth interview with the german duo D-NOX AND BECKERS !! it’s avaliable in the ARTIST INTERVIEW section !!



Eclipse 2010 Promo mix by Dj Clown

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You can download the mix by clicking on the link —->

Eclipse Promo Mix 2010 Tracklisting :

1. 4D + Yuli Fershat – Stargen (Perfect Stranger Remix)
2. Mute – Sensimellia (Perfect Stranger Welcome Sunshine Remix)
3. D-Nox + Beckers – G’Traffic
4. Aerodroemme – Slingshot
5. Edoardo Marvaso – Entonses
6. Likewise – Omoplata
7. King Roc + Dimitri DKN – Alameda Jau
8. Nick Muir – Airtight (D-nox + Beckers Rmx)
9. FM Radio Gods – Combustable
10. Antix – Manta (Frank Beckers Rmx)
11. Fm Radio Gods – 333 (D-nox + Beckers Rmx)
12. Fiord – Get up Jude (Frank Beckers Rmx)
13. Nyquist – Sabe7 (Duca Remix)
14. Duca – Srbija Do Tokija

Promo Mix compiled by DJ CLOWN @


Interview with DUCA (Tribal Vision)

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Interview with DUCA.

Thanks for taking the time to complete this interview for the upcoming Eclipse Festival this summer.

1) Please start with your full name and country of origin

I’m Dusan Sekic from Serbia.

2) How old are you ?


3) Duca has a very unique sound. How would you categorize this sound ?

I don’t like to categorize it, it’s just a music for dance.

4) Before you got signed to Tribal Vision, I had never heard of Duca. How long have you been making music ?

I’ve been making music more than 10 years. Before I signed to Tribal Vision I’ve
been making psychedelic trance (alias Anax). I’ve released 1 album and a lot of
other tracks on different compilations.

5) What software do you prefer using for production ?? Do you also use Hardware ?

I prefer to use Cubase and Fruityloops (since the beginning). I don’t use any hardware synths or fx’s. Everything is made by software 

6) I have yet to hear many remixes from Duca. Do you like to remix other’s music?

Of course I like, but only if I like original version of track.

7) What track would you LOVE to remix if you had the chance ?

Some commercial track from Madonna maybe. Or even some old track from Michael Jackson.

8) Last Summer, you were schedualed to play in Canada but were unable to attain your Canadien Visa. Can you tell us about this and what is different with Eclipse?

Yes, last year I refused for Canadian Visa, but the positive thing was that I’ve made a track called Canadian Visa which had a huge success 
Different story with Eclipse guys was that they sent me all the papers I need to get my visa (they urging the process).

9) Now that you have the chance to play in Canada, what can we expect from you at the Eclipse Festival ?

You can expect good time for sure. A lot of new music from me.

10) Do you also DJ ? YES

11) Do you have any side-projects ??

At the moment I don’t have but I’m thinking about it. Maybe I will start to work on commercial house music. The only problem is that I really don’t have much free time for it.

12) Can we be expecting a 2nd album from Duca ?? and if yes, on what label ?
Yes and it will be released on Tribal Vision but I don’t know when  Cause I didn’t start to work on it yet.

13) What is YOUR favorite DUCA track ?

It’s an old track Lektor. It’s still making the mess on dancefloor.

14) Besides Eclipse Festival, what is your favorite Gig in your career and why ?

Favourite gig is Virada Cultural which is happening every year in the centre of Sao Paolo (Brazil). Last year I’ve played in the front of 35000 people. Amazing feeling!

15) What is the strangest thing that happened to you at a Gig ?

Honestly nothing strange happened to me at a gig. Only normal, everyday things  A lot of crazy people on some drug etc.

Thanks again for this interview and looking forward to seeing you at the Eclipse Festival this summer.
Thank you too. See you all soon in Canada, can’t wait. Cheers

Interview written and created by Vincenzo Terzo, Aka Dj Clown

Interview with Aerodrome

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Interview with Aerodrömme

Thanks for accepting the Pre-Eclipse 2010 interview.

1: please state your full name (s).

Boris Kurtzman, Steve Chan

2: Aerodrömme is a fairly new project. How would you describe the sound of the band ?

Boris: A blend of many different genres and sounds. Essentially it is a mix of Progressive, Techno and House, but ultimately anyone can find something they are looking for in our style.

3: How long have you been together making music ?

Boris: Together, for about a year and a half.

Steve: Boris was already an established DJ with some notable production experience when we met, and I had been producing psytrance as Nexus7.

4: As a new band, Aerodrömme has joined one of the progressive trance scene’s largest and most popular labels know as TRIBAL VISION RECORDS. How did that make you feel ?

Boris: Tribal Vision has been very supportive of us, even since the inception of our project. They have believed in us all along, and we are really grateful for being a part of such a prominent and progressive (not just in terms of music, but also in terms of pushing the boundaries) label.

5: Are you excited to play at the upcoming Eclipse Festival this summer ?

Steve: Hell yeah!!!

Boris: In my experience, Eclipse is one of the most professionally-organized and well-produced festivals in the  world. It will be our pleasure to perform for Eclipse this year.

6: What can we expect from your LIVE act at the festival ?

Boris: A whole range of things. It will definitely be an interesting experience.

Steve: We are writing several fresh tracks to debut at Eclipse.  Using Ableton Live for performance also opens up so many possibilities, so we are always looking to try out something new.

7: How did it make you feel to have the chance to play at the Eclipse Festival?

Steve: We are totally thrilled and excited.  We look forward to partying at Eclipse all year, so to actually play there for all our friends, along side names like Duca, and D-nox and Beckers is such an amazing honour.

8: Has Aerodrömme had the chance to play at another festival equal or greater than the Eclipse festival as of yet ?

Boris: We have performed at mostly local festivals and parties, so Eclipse would be pretty big for us. We are also playing at Desiderata this June, which promises to be pretty big as well.

9: Can we expect a World tour in the near future ?

Steve: We’d love to. Traveling is definitely in the cards.

Boris: Why not? J

10: Besides tribal vision records, have any other major labels approached Aerodrömmee ?

Boris: We have already released tracks on labels such as Spiral Trax and Blue Tunes, which are pretty big in the prog-psy world. Currently we are working on pushing our sound outside of the “scene”. We have an upcoming release with Baroque at the end of May, as well as a few releases on Balkan Connection. Hopefully more releases with other labels in the near future.

11: So far, which of your tracks do you like the most, why ?

Boris: I’d say I like most of them, as each track is unique and different. I’d say my favorite is Drum Bum. It’s seems to be the most rocking on the dancefloor.

Steve: I’d have to say my favourite is Amistad.  We pulled an all-nighter to write it before Harvest Festival this year.  It’s such an emotional track and whenever we play it, I feel like I can really connect with the crowd.

12: Can we expect a debut album in the near future?

Boris: Album plans are in progress. More to be revealed soon.

Thanks so much for taking the time to complete this interview. Looking forward to hearing your LIVE act at the festival.

Inverview written and assembled by Vincenzo Terzo AKA Dj Clown




Interview with Juno Reactor

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Interview with Juno Reactor

Thanks for accepting to complete this interview in anticipation for the 2010 Eclipse Festival.

1: Please state your full name (s) and Country of origin?

Ben Watkins AKA Juno Reactor

2: How does it feel to be part of the psytrance scene since 1993 as one of the Scenes pioneers ??

It is such a long time ago… I don’t think about it, bit like looking down from a tall building, it would make me dizzy, I like the earth under my feet, and the possibilities of now, to make music that could only ever have been written today, nostalgia isn’t one of my strong points

3: What inspired Juno Reactors sound,???; (as we know today, that many artists were inspired by Juno Reactor !!!)

It is nice to meet people who say that, and unlike my favorites I enjoy talking to them, it amazes me how quick young producers are to gather up and use the technology so quickly and so well.

Yello was a big one for me, they had the bible of production, although it has moved beyond that point now, but many others from T Rex, Kraftwerk, DAF, Suicide, Metal guitar music, a lot of the industrial bands of the early 80’s, and Flamenco has always been a favorite for me.

4: For some time now, Juno Reactor has been very quiet in the psytrance scene… is their any specific reason for this ?

Other places to go, other music to try. I would go mad if I stayed doing one type of sound, hard to keep fresh and emotional. Music to me is always about story telling, I’m not into reading the same book.

5: What went on in Juno’s Career from 2004 till 2008’s release, “Gods + Monsters” ???

My brain deletes most information straight away, I very really leave the studio, I did a few films, produced a band or two, wrote music that will never see the light of day, and recover from my own madness.

6: how did it make you feel to be approached for the MATRIX movie ?

I had to nail my boots to the earth at first, It was the best musical experience of my life so far, and one that completely fucked with my head, that made it very hard to write anything after Navras!, after having over 240 people on a track, how do you go back to being a hermit, luckily Conquistador and Eduardo Niebla came along and saved my sanity. Now it seems a surreal expierience that happened to another me.

6.5: Can we expect more Juno Reactor in upcoming movies?

I am working on a film called Iron Sky ( and another Japanese film later in the year. I love working on films and next to live I receive the most energy from it.

7: Can we expect another album from Juno Reactor ?

The next album is on it’s way, and sounding very good, on a dance tip, and one I want to take out live as much as I can.

8: Will this be your first appearance in Canada ?

We played Live in Toronto years ago in the Opera House, great night, I have always wanted to come to Montreal, not only for the Music, but to see more of what I have heard about from an artist who lives there.

9: How does it feel to be back on stage at a psytrance festival as reknown as ECLIPSE ?

I do not think so much about the future, I have no expectation.

10: If I understood correctly, Juno Reactor will be performing a DJ set or a LIVE act at Eclipse ?

It is a DJ set by Mike Maguire, who is the Juno Reactor DJ, he had taken a brake since Bible of Dreams, it is good to have him back.

11: What can we expect from this DJ set ?

Mike will be playing an OLD SCHOOL set, and a few new tracks

12: Many psytrance artists have started more minimal or progressive projects. Does Juno Reactor have any running side-projects we should know about?

Juno Reactor is my only band project at the moment.

13: Who is your closest friend in the psytrance scene ?

Human or non Human?

14: If you can remix music from any artist, who would that artist be ?

“Ojos de Brujo” at the moment.

Thanks so much for taking part in this interview. Can’t wait for your performance this summer at the Eclipse Festival.

Interview written and assembled by Vincenzo Terzo AKA Dj Clown